Want a Summer of Kindness?

Tired of entitlement? Tired of "entertaining the kids" all summer?

Want to experience kinder kids this summer?

Then, join us as we begin our 2nd Virtual Kindness Summer Camp!

How Your Family Can Help Refugees

Big Brother gently pulled on my hand and whispered, “Mom, are they refugees?”

A man and his son approached us in a Walmart parking lot needing a donation of diapers. They didn’t have a sign that said, “I am a refugee.” They simply asked for help with diapers.

Refugees look like the rest of us, right? Humans . . . women, children, and men.

Want a Happier Family?

An act of kindness or a service project, here is how we spend 15 minutes serving others with our kids. The RESULT: A Happier Family! See how we do it here.

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Kindness Academy

Tools, resources, and e-cources designed to teach kids to be kind and think of others.

"This is a FANTASTIC! Thank you!" Elen, Mom of 4

100% of donations fund future acts of kindness and customized programs designed and proven to increase family involvement in community service.

Kindness Is Powerful

Honored by Points of Light & Disney

Raising Compassionate Kids Through Acts of Kindness and Volunteer Service - See more at: http://www.pointsoflight.org/blog/2015/11/16/raising-compassionate-kids-through-acts-kindness-and-volunteer-service#sthash.GT3FN90M.dpuf

Join in Raising Kind Kids!

LDS.net features Pennies of Time and the work that is happening in raising kind kids, families that give back. A great read to hear how families can serve and how Pennies of Time started! Check it out!

American Profile features Pennies of Time family! See how experts, including Pennies of Time's own Sheila, talk about how to raise kind kids.

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Ideas for Your Family

  • Help Loved Ones with Chronic Illness

    Help Loved Ones with Chronic Illness

    Everyone knows someone who struggles with chronic illness.  Whether it
  • Help Families Going Through Cancer Treatment

    Help Families Going Through Cancer Treatment

    Watching a loved one or friend go through cancer treatment
  • Kindness in the Family

    Kindness in the Family

    Kindness in the family means that being kind and serving
  • Benefits from Serving Others

    Benefits from Serving Others

    Research is clear that being kind to others and serving