Offered on a rotating basis, Sheila teaches, through stories and real life experiences, practical tips how to get kindness going in your family. Check out the next classes that will be offered to help you get kindness going in your home.

The Kindness Academy has resources and E-courses designed to take the complexity and burden out of teaching kids to be kind and think of others. Based on the research behind kindness, real world parenting with kindness experience, and effective teaching strategies, course instructors provide videos, presentations, worksheets, and printables to help you get the Kindness Action going whether in your family, your classroom, or with a group of volunteering kids.

Sponsor a family in the Family Kindness Adventure Program, donate money to help fund a local Family Service Day, or provide a donation to support programming helping parents across the world Raise Kind Kids!

We partner with compassionate and kindness minded families, schools, corporate companies, nonprofits, and brands to further the message of family volunteerism and getting kids across the world to engage in acts of kindness. Join us as we help families and organizations be a solution in our world.

Volunteer with Pennies of Time to be part of a the growing movement of family volunteerism. We are making a distinct difference in our communities across the world. Be part of that spread of kindness! Contact us to learn more about developing volunteer opportunities!

From small to large groups, Pennies of Time shares the content and expertise of involving families and kids in being kind at your next event. With proven experience and overwhelming positive feedback, our past presentations and trainings have been "effective and fun." One participant said,"It was the perfect amount of information and illustrative stories to help me learn what I needed to about getting my family to do this. Sheila is terrific!"

From participating in our Family Kindness Adventure Program, learning how to Raise Kind Kids, and getting acts of kindness going in your community, there are several ways you can involve your family in community Service. Join in now!

The Pennies of Time Internship Program seeks to provide a hands-on, interactive learning and serving experience for students and post-grads seeking experience working a nonprofit in the areas of marketing, research, business development, and child development. All internships are designed to bring greater expertise and value to the field of family volunteerism.

Your monthly donation helps Pennies of Time plan and grow. Recurring donations create momentum so that we can continue to fulfill the mission of supporting families in raising kind kids and offering expertise to nonprofits to better embrace family volunteerism. We are grateful for your monthly donation!

Be an active voice on social media to support Pennies of Time initiatives and fundraisers, kindness campaigns, and efforts to spread the message of teaching kids to be kind and be active in family volunteerism. Email for more info.

Pennies of Time has projects that you can complete to earn service hours for National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, and scouting programs. Contact us if you need ideas or help.

Corporate Sponsors

Pennies of Time offers a rewarding sponsorship package for corporations wanting to work alongside a kindness and family focused nonprofit (that's us!). Please contact Sheila to start the conversation about engaging your corporation in a sponsorship relationship.

Nonprofits can successfully engage with families to meet the needs of their organizations. If your nonprofit doesn't fully engage in family volunteerism in your programs, Pennies of Time can help. Please contact us for information and support.