Partner wth Pennies of Time

Pennies of Time wants to partner with you!

Pennies of Time is an established 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Are you a parent that would like your home to focus more on kindness and serving others?
Are you a community volunteer looking for ways to get your group serving in the community more, getting kids out and helping others?
Do you work in a school and want more kindness, more service projects, integrated into your school's day?
Are you a nonprofit looking to provide fun and meaningful ways for families and children to help your organization?
Are you a brand that has similar values and would like to develop a relationship?
Are you a company that wants to provide and support community service events for your employees?
We want to hear from you and support you and your desires to have
your family or organization focus on making lives better through serving others.



Our Partners

Please tell us about your needs and goals and provide the best email address and phone number. We look forward to hearing from you!

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