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    About Pennies of Time Teach Kids to Serve

    Pennies of Time is a resource to guide families in the practical journey of caring for others.

    Small acts. Big impact. Start with a penny, and build from there.

    What Pennies of Time offers:

        • Book suggestions to help create the environment for quiet and meaningful conversations about kindness, serving others, empathy and compassion.
        • Tested and tried acts of kindness to get your family into the habit of caring for others.

    Ready for more? Service projects. We have done these and so can you!

        • Monthly Twitter chats to keep you and your family motivated and learning. #servechat.  Examples of #servechat topics:  Helping Veterans, Meeting the Needs of the Most Hopeless, Kindness in Schools  On Twitter:  Follow Pennies of Time
        • A customized 8 week program: Family Kindness Adventure Program with close support from Sheila on specific projects that you can do in your home and your community.
        • Help coordinating between families and nonprofits so that families can help meet the needs of the community by supporting local nonprofits.
        • Free one page idea and tip resources to share with MOPS groups, church leaders, or other adults interested in learning how to better serve with the kids in their lives.


    In The News


    Creating Happier Families: LDS.net features Pennies of Time and the work that is happening in raising kind kids, families that give back. A great read to hear how families can serve and how Pennies of Time started! Check it out!

    “What I learned right then, because my kids lasted longer than I did, was this little bitty act of kindness everyday really built up their work muscles, their empathy muscles, their problem solving muscles!” Sheila with Pennies of Time


    Pennies of Time Featured American Profile Raising Kind Kids with Little Brother X10


    How to Raise Kind Kids: American Profile features Pennies of Time family! See how experts, including Pennies of Time’s own Sheila, talk about how to raise kind kids.

    “When you make an effort, as a parent, to model kindness, it doesn’t take long for kids to pick it up themselves.” Sheila with Pennies of Time



    Pennies of Time Daily Point of Light Award Raising Compassionate Kids Disney

    President Bush’s Points of Light Foundation and Disney honored the Sjolseth Family and Pennies of Time with a Daily Point of Light Award in honor of National Family Volunteer Day, one of only 10 families selected globally to be highlighted in 2015.

    “It’s not big acts of service that changes kids,” says Sheila. “It’s the small daily repetitive actions, that 20 minutes a day where we all think about something else other than ourselves.




    John Linney interviewed Sheila on Edspiration “Getting Kids to Care | Teach empathy & kindness with service” –Young people believe that adults are more interested in having students who achieve than having students who care for others. We have to change that belief. Leading with compassion will lead students and others to do the same. Young people often complain, “I’m bored,” but how do you get them to think how they can serve and help others? Guest Sheila Sjolseth explains how life changing service can take just seconds


     Sheila Sjolseth

    Who is Sheila?

    Sheila is the Founder and President of Pennies of Time. In 2012, she wanted to start being more deliberate in serving with her kids (Little Brother was 3 and Big Brother was 5). Nonprofits told her kids were too young to serve and it was hard to find other like-minded individuals. So, she started writing and sharing about what they were doing and FOUND many other families who want to focus on kindness and serving others.  They just needed to hear that it was possible.  She and her boys have been doing daily acts of service since that time.

    Since September 2012, she has provided support for parents, community members, church leaders, nonprofits, and teenagers that want to serve more in the community. With those experiences, she has learned what is needed to do this successfully.

    Sheila has spent her adult life focused on education. She earned her B.S. in Special Education from The University of Texas at Austin. After teaching in a variety of settings and grade levels, she went on to earn her Ed.M. at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

    Since then, she has filled a variety of roles in diverse settings including working as the special education teacher in a child psychiatric unit, as director of a non-profit, as director for a charter school, as a child advocate, and at the U.S. Department of Education in charge of programming for children who are at-risk. Currently, you can find her either hunched over a computer helping not-for-profits serve children that are at-risk, or she is on the phone mentoring someone on how to find a job. She is the mother of two young boys and is the voice of “Pennies of Time” where she shares the adventures of serving with her boys.

    Meet the Board of Directors

    The Story of Pennies of Time:  Check Out How it All Got Started

    How it all started Pennies of Time

    Other Places to Find Pennies of Time

    On Facebook: Pennies of Time shares ideas, tips, resources, and meaningful content through the Facebook page Pennies of Time: Teaching Kids to Serve  Be sure to follow the page to receive the newest ideas out there on service projects and acts of kindness that kids can do.

    On Twitter:  A great way to connect with others completing service projects and acts of kindness.  Connect with Sheila @ Pennies of Time on Twitter and share with her what your kids are doing to serve others.

    On Pinterest:  Pennies of Time keeps track and catalogs the newest and best ideas for service projects and acts of kindness.  These can be found through the Pennies of Time Pinterest page.

    On Instagram: Sheila shares the ins and outs of serving with her boys and all the fun that goes with parenting. Connect with Sheila @Penniesof Time on Instagram.

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