Create Compassionate Problem Solvers

We envision a world where families are kind, empathetic, and understanding of differences.

We believe this is possible by raising our kids to become compassionate problem solvers. Compassionate problem solvers can see the world through others’ perspectives and have the ability to compassionately and analytically bring forward solutions to the world’s “sticky problems.”

Pennies of Time’s purpose is to continue being a “go-to place” for families to rely on in the journey of raising kids that are compassionate problem solvers.

To do this successfully, Pennies of Time embraces the reality that families have busy lives. Our curriculum and support provide doable and effective strategies to end entitlement, develop empathy, and fine-tune problem-solving skills.

Using the science behind kindness development, our programming integrates activities into the busy lives of families without burdening schedules.

Strategic Priorities:

  • Meet families right where they are
  • Provide doable ideas and effective mentoring support
  • Develop programs and products that utilize the best research on child development, social-emotional skills, and problem-solving abilities