“So much of life, so much of what shapes us and our country, all begins right here at home.”

Oveta Culp Hobby

“My kids don’t get along!”

“My middle schooler is so shy.”
“My kids have no idea how entitled they are.”
“My family feels so disjointed.”

Know what research and practitioners suggest? Kindness.

The emotional and biological benefits of being kind and experiencing kindness overwhelming show that when we infuse kindness into our lives, the benefits address all of those issues.

But, how do we do it?

But, Sheila, how does it work?

“Daily! Does that mean EVERY day?!”

I hear you. 

You are overwhelmed already. What if I said that 10 minutes is usually wrapped up in something that you are already doing? 

You aren’t doing more. You are doing what you are currently doing with a kindness twist.

The goal is to spend 10 minutes a day thinking of ourselves second and someone else first. 

Those consistently repeated moments of kindness decrease entitlement and selfishness, increase harmony in the home, and build amazing compassionate problem-solving skills. It only takes a moment of time, a penny of time, to be kind.

Tips for Success

The purpose is to infuse kindness into what you are already doing, not make you do more stuff.

Adding more “stuff” to a busy schedule is setting yourself up for failure. We integrate kindness activities into what families already do.

Running around, overwhelmed, while yelling, “KIDS, we HAVE to do a service project for Christmas or we have failed!” will not work.

(Don’t do that to yourself or your kids.) Children learn best with repeated, consistent, and digestible experiences. Throwing huge service projects into busy holiday schedules is overwhelming and not developmentally appropriate for kids to maximize getting the goodness out of the experience.

Utilize the science of kindness and effective strategies to support kindness development in four ways:

  • See kindness
  • Give kindness
  • Receive kindness
  • Reflect on kindness

The brilliant thing about parenting and teaching kids kindness as a family: 

You customize it to what fits BEST for you and your family! No two families that we have worked with do this the same. But, every family has been able to infuse kindness into their family habits, and that brings them more harmony.

10 minutes a day experiencing kindness . . .

… Reading a book on kindness

… Doing a simple act of kindness

… Talking about kindness

… And experiencing kindness

That is all it takes!