A Note From Sheila at Pennies of Time:

I think that one of the hardest parts about this concept of getting our kids to be kind and help others comes in really believing that it can be done by a busy family with busy kids and competing activities. Proof that we can be successful in raising compassionate problem solvers, including teaching them to be kind, all while meeting the other priorities in our lives is shown in what families say about our programming and support.

From Parents Helped by Pennies of Time

“Our family needed this, I mean, REALLY needed this.”

“The kids are changing their ME mentalities bit by bit with each service we provide another.”

“When putting together homeless care packages, my eight-year-old went and took some of his own things to put inside those packages without a moment’s hesitation.  And, he made sure that we didn’t go deliver those packages without him.”

“We had the best time after our day of service.  When we got home, my son wrapped up a favorite toy to pass along to his sister. Be still my heart.”

“Pennies of Time is changing our communities, is changing my family!  This simple, caring idea is having a powerful influence on others!”

“It was nice to hear my daughter talk about how simple it is to make someone happy, and how good it feels.”

Testimonials from REAL Moms

Pennies of Time has been a tremendous inspiration for me. Sheila has shown so many people that service doesn’t have to be time-consuming, but it should (and can!) be something you do WITH your children every day. She’s also helped me to know that it is something that is attainable and very realistic. She gives advice for unique and easy ideas on how to serve and do random acts of kindness with your children. She’s an amazing woman, who you can tell has a heart of gold. She has inspired me to serve more often with my children, which teaches my children invaluable lessons and provides us with a bond that cannot be attained anywhere else. No doubt she’s touched many, many other people in the same way as I have been!
– Michelle, Mom of 2 Kids

It has given me fresh ideas to minister and love on people in our community, and, hopefully, encourage some others nearby to do the same.
– Stephanie, Mom of 4 Kids

Your plans for service acts and projects and totally inspired me to do more service projects with my three kids (4 yr old boy, 2.5-year-old boy, and 1-year-old baby girl). I found you one day via Pinterest and it helped me structure our summer as I had been planning days out and fun activities for them. Your Pennies of Time was so inspirational and so accurate it helped me see what was missing from my activity planner–acts of service to others as well as fun for my kids. We followed your ideas and them used them again to structure our Christmas activities. It has been wonderful–as a result, my boys have a new appreciation for others and the community’s needs. We have befriended a local homeless lady who the boys now consider family as we regularly take her parcels (based on your sock survival pack), and they are constantly looking for new ways to serve. Thank you so much for making service fun and helping inspire me to make it an important and structured part of my kids’ experience.
– Amy, Mom of 3

Pennies of Time has helped me to focus on teaching my children compassion and empathy, and I’ve come to realize how life-changing and important this is. It is transforming our family, and I am grateful.
– Jennifer, Mom of 2

Pennies of Time has helped fulfill needs in the community. I have seen true gratitude expressed by those being served. But, more important than the benefits to those being served, it has taught those who did the service, specifically young children (and their parents). As for my family, Pennies of Time taught our kids how to identify needs in the community and how to create a plan to fulfill those needs. The experiences and discussions that came about from acts of kindness and service projects I found on Pennies of Time have broadened our children’s understanding of the world around them. I would say that it has also instilled in our kids greater empathy toward their fellow-man. Within the home, I have seen an increase in kindness and love, a direct result of Pennies of Time. I can also say that our kids are less selfish and inward-focused. In short, Pennies of Time has helped to raise children into contributing and compassionate members of society, and it has increased their capacity to do good.
– Erica, Mom of 2

Pennies of Time has given me, a mom of young children, the encouragement to teach my children to serve and to let them serve. By seeing ideas and examples posted by Pennies of Time, it has empowered me to learn more about the needs of my community and serve with my family.
– Mandy, Mom of 4