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Act of Kindness at the Hospital: Sweet Success at the Vending Machine

An act of kindness at the hospital:  A great act of kindness to help those that are in an immediate crisis.

I don’t know about you, but I never have coins . . . and I never have time to pack much when I need to rush to the emergency room.  But, I do get hungry and often don’t have the luxury of leaving the hospital for hours to get something to eat.  You’ve been there!

Today, on the way to pick up my husband from work, I grabbed: ziplock bags, a sharpee, and our coin jar.

While waiting for him to climb into the car, I prepped the bags to say:  Take What You Need!

Within a few more seconds, I had filled the bags with “silver money” from the jar.

We were now ready to go on a “Penny of Time” Adventure, an act of kindness at the hospital!

The boys worked very hard to be secretive as we arrived at a local emergency room and looked for the vending machines.  (They even hid the bags under their shirts and crossed the waiting and reception rooms like highly trained ninjas!)

When we found the sought after vending machine, we discovered a lady trying to get change for a $5 bill.  Luckily, we were prepared to help.  The boys simply gave her the money she needed, and she was SURPRISED!  We chatted a bit as to why she was there.  Her grandmother was in the emergency room because she had fallen.

As soon as she left the area, we quickly taped our bags on the vending machines.  (I’m sure that it can be made prettier, but it worked for us.)  And, it was none too soon because a couple of young ladies came by to use the machines.  We went around the corner and listened to them giggle and exclaim over our bags of coins.

The boys were thrilled with the adventure!  They felt important for helping someone else.  And, they want to do it again!  (And, they look a wee bit stressed here because they wanted to ninja it away from the vending machines before someone saw them.)

What are some of your experiences of serving someone in a hospital?  What service can children provide for someone in the hospital?  We are looking for our next “Penny of Time” Adventure!