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Act of Kindness: Bird Feeding Pinecones

This is something that we do at least a couple of times a year . . . but until “pennies of time” I hadn’t thought to talk about it in a way that teaches the boys about stewardship of our resources and taking care of the animals around us.

We had a friend over for a playdate  . . . and I thought it would be the perfect time to get messy with:

peanut butter
bird seed

First, we attached a length of yarn to the end of the cones.  (That way you can hang them if you want.)  We spooned the peanut butter on the pinecones.  Then, OUTSIDE, we rolled the pinecones in the seed and readied them for hanging.  Some of them we hung around the yard; others we place in our garden area.

The boys have enjoyed watching the pinecones in order to spot birds coming by to eat.  And, it has worked.  I love hearing them run through the house finding all of us saying,”Guys, come quick, a bird is eating off of OUR pincones!”