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Act of Kindness: Burying Treasure at the Playground

My boys love finding things . . . it really doesn’t matter what it is; the find brings joy.  And, if the item is unexpected in the surroundings, it is even more of a marvel.

We are now pros at burying treasure for other kids.

Why do we do it?
We started doing it because we thought it would be a great way to brighten up a kid’s day.
The boys love to dig!
We get to pick out the loot that the boys will bury.  That’s fun, too.

What do we bury?
Whatever we want.  We mostly like to bury dinosaurs and stuff that looks like treasure.

Where do you bury it?
We really love the sandlots the best.  But, any playground with a “diggable” floor where kids naturally explore will work.

What happens when other kids find the “treasure”?
The scream with delight!  Scout’s honor!

Is that it?
We also talk about how it makes us feel to know we are doing something nice.  We talk about how just one nice thing can make a yucky day a better day for someone!

So, go grab some treasure . . . bury it and bring an extra moment of joy to someone else!