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Act of Kindness: Care Package a Our Young Friend in the Hospital

This was a crazy day!  And, unlike almost every day since the beginning of September, we did not have a “penny of time” . . . a chance to serve someone together.  At least that is what I thought at dinner time, but, at bedtime, a message came that a young friend is going into the hospital for 14 days to undergo an aggressive treatment.

I explained to the boys that a friend was sick . . . and without prodding, we all went downstairs and the oldest, in particular, got right to work.  I didn’t really say anything.  My 6 year old amazed me with the things that he included in his note.  He really understands what is needed on a “thinking of you/get better” card.  (Can you tell he was trying to get some superhero play in just before bed?)

We picked out a few items to add to the card:

painting pages
coloring pages
knock knock jokes
and an activity book.

I remember what it was like to have a young child in the hospital for several days.  I appreciated every diversion offered!