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Act of Kindness in Memory: Cleaning Gravesites

Today, we completed an act of kindness in honor of a little girl that passed away way too soon.  Today would have been her 2nd birthday.  Her name is Penny and served as part of the inspiration for Pennies of Time.  It was a perfect, crisp autumn day.

We decided that since we couldn’t go visit Penny’s gravesite (she lives far away) that cleaning gravesites of other children in a cemetery that we like to clean would be meaningful.

We arrived when the shadows started to lengthen allowing a feeling of peace and tranquility to permeate the cemetery.  It gave us a chance to serve through cleaning headstones, raking leaves, sweeping, edging, and picking up litter (the 6 year old made it a personal mission “to get it ALL!”).

Although not a very big area, these trees are the resting place for twelve infants and children.

Each one has offerings of love in the form of flowers, toys, prayers, poems, and figures.  Most have had solar lights added to the area.

“Why do people leave so many things for their kids here?”
A great chance to talk about love and how people express their love and ways in which they miss their children.

A great chance to express my love for my child and do it without distractions.

The 4 year old left a flower for the children.

The 6 year old left a pinecone.

Eavesdropping on the Dad and the 6 year old as his dad talks to him and teaches about life and why someone would die so young . . . .

Completing this act of kindness gave us the gift of meaningful conversation, pretty much a greater value than the service we provided, in my opinion.