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Act of Kindness: Crossing Guard

Sometimes, ideas for our service acts come from doing what others have done to serve or be kind.  Other times, we recognize needs around us.  We spend many of our “penny of time” adventures helping people with their personal needs.  Most of those experiences are never shared here because of the private and personal nature of those service acts.  We talk with our boys of being “inspired” to serve another.  Whenever we have a good idea or think of another person, we talk about ways we can act on that good idea.

Last week, I woke up with the feeling that we needed to connect with someone after school with our “penny of time.”

That was it.  I couldn’t think of a person in particular.  I couldn’t think of what to do.

I brainstormed with my 4 year old some ideas.  He wanted to give away rosemary, chocolates, and knock knock jokes as thank yous.  (We always love giving out knock knock jokes.)  We cut some of our rosemary.  I found 5 small bags of chocolates at the store.  And, we came up with the item.  Chocolates and rosemary with a knock-knock joke decorated with a rose by my 4 year old.  We made 5 of these beauties!

Can you tell that he is SO excited!

I love that part about our serving!

Then, I started doubting myself.  What were we going to do?  Just walk around and hand these out to random people.  I started doubting myself so much I called my husband.  “AM I CRAZY!”

After a brief pep-talk, I went on faith that I was inspired for a reason and that the little bundles came together so easily was even further evidence that all was going to be right.  And the thought came to my mind that the boys could direct where these “thank you” bundles would go.
The first person that we gave one to was the crossing guard.  He is a sweet guy that RUNS to you when you are coming to the crosswalk to make sure that you don’t wait a moment longer than necessary.  We don’t use that particular crosswalk everyday, but we all know one another and always share an anecdote or joke with each other.
After receiving one of the thank you gifts, the Crossing Guard was so pleased and gave my son the biggest thank you!  He listened to my son talk about rosemary and how it is a plant and “you can cook with it” . . . he was so kind to my son.
Then, my son spotted some favorite mom friends!  Two of those fun moms were recipients of those chocolate/rosemary bundles.  And, then my oldest son’s teachers also received some chocolate/rosemary love.

The boys LOVED connecting like this!  They excitedly chatted about it in the car and to their dad later that night.  In fact, my four year old is still talking to others about how he gave out “rosemary plant that you cook with.”

That afternoon, as I was driving away from the school, I noticed a gift bag on the crossing guard’s chair and thought,”YAY!  Lots of love for him today.”

And, I haven’t seen him since.  That day was his *last* day.

I had no idea.  They don’t send emails out about the crossing guard’s plans.  I am so glad that we had a chance to tell him thank you and share our appreciation for him.  If I had let my self-doubt abandon that morning’s inspiration, we would have all lost out on connecting with him one more time.