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Act of Kindness: Delivering the Glowstick Love

Today, we took the glowstick heart messages we made and delivered them to:
workers at mail centers
other children that needed a hug
our favorite pizza place
a fantastic worker at a restaurant

At the start of this, Dad was a little hesitant.  He went in with the boys to the mail center, thanked the workers with the boys, and then he was hooked.  As they were climbing back into the car, a man passed by and said,”You have some great boys there!  It reminds me of paying it forward.”

AND THEN, we got to have a conversation about how when we serve it affects more than the person that receives the service.  It affects us AND the people around witnessing the service act.  We then challenge ourselves to take notes of the “witnesses” of our acts of service to see if we can tell if even witnessing bring joy to them.

Just awesomesauce to have these experiences!  Love it!

For the post where we made them:  Delivering Glowstick Love