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Act of Kindness: An Easter Egg Hunt

You HAVE to do this with your kids.
We went and Easter Egged for our “penny of time” and all of us had a righteously fun time.
Fill eggs with fun stuff.  Candy, non-candy items (play money, small animals, “grow” animals you add water to, stickers, really–the list is endless), and nice notes.
Make a Sign:
You’ve Been Egged
Go find # eggs in your yard.
(Make sure you write down how many eggs they need to find!)
Many others have done this before me.  Many of them use very pretty and clever signs.  Some even have a scriptural reference to a religious Easter message included.  Go crazy and do what works best for your family.
Go Egging!
On the way over to the egg drop location:
We discussed strategy in hiding the eggs.
We discussed our exit plan.
We brainstormed what we would do if one of us got “caught”–GASP!
We broke into teams.
We have very highly honed ninja-like stealth from our extensive experience with anonymous service acts.  That came in handy as we approached our targets. 🙂  We quickly hid the eggs trying to make some easy to find and others harder.  By the end, we were just laughing, in stitches, as we raced to the car after placing the eggs, the sign, and ringing the doorbell.
And, then there was the covert “drive-by” to see if the intended egg hunters had caught the bait!
The 6 year old screamed in the car,”THAT WAS AWESOME!  WE HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN!”
So, we did.
I don’t think that that we have laughed so much in doing a secret service act.