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Act of Kindness: Flowers for Marathon Signs

One of our neighbors is a marathon runner.  As a former heart surgery patient, she works really hard to stay in shape and motivated to being healthy for her heart and her family.

She has talked with my boys about her races and has even given them a couple of her medals.  Boy, they think those medals are pretty awesome, and they talk about how one day they will run races and win medals, too!

She is running a marathon this coming weekend.  Her daughter has made many signs that they post around the hardest section of the race.  We wanted to give some encouragement, too.  So, we made flowers to post at the top of the signs.

We made 20 flowers.  (Wanna learn to make them?  They are super simple!  Here is a short tutorial from Rust and Sunshine.  Or just pin it from Pinterest-Paper Flowers.)

We arrived at her house with a bag full of flowers.  She was so excited about them and showed us what they looked like on top of the signs.

Bringing fun and joy to others makes us so happy!  My boys loved doing this for her and seeing how excited she was with what we made!