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Act of Kindness for a Friend: Banana Drop-off

Today, a special person to us was having a hard day.  We gave a call to say HI earlier in the day, always a great act of kindness, and found out that it was a really, really hard day.  So, after we picked up the oldest from school, we went to the store to get helium balloons.  We were going to get two of them and write a nice message on them for an easy act of kindness.

No helium.

Seriously!  Yeah, some national shortage or something.

Instead, the boys chose bananas.  If I had thought of it earlier in the day, we could have written a secret message on the banana.

I didn’t.  So, our friend received two awesome non-secret-message bananas as a surprise treat!

And, our friend was delighted with our banana drop-off.  I’m not sure if bananas was the desired item to eat; I think that our quick visit was what made the difference.