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Act of Kindness for a Friend: Photo Card

We have a family friend who was in a serious accident. She is paralyzed but making incredible progress in the hospital, especially since doctors thought she wouldn’t be alive today. Her family is putting together a video of photos and cards to show support for her.

We were excited to make something and send it in for the video. Within about 15 minutes, the boys had drawn an incredibly sweet poster.

My oldest and I got busy making fun hats and the youngest set to really “finalize” the poster. And, he scribbled over everything. He called out proudly to me . . . and then sat back and saw that it looked horrible.

I heard an “Uh-oh” and saw what he had done. He realized before I said anything that he had decorated a little too much.

(He learned a bit about that lesson of “less is more.”)

So, we set off to do it again and he was proud of the final product!