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Act of Kindness for a Friend: Puppy Time!

Fellow “Penny of Time” Adventuring Mom, Kristi, shares with us a sweet experience.
From this picture you would think we have four happy kids and a cute puppy.  What you don’t know is that this isn’t our puppy.  We were the second home to this sweet, golden doodle.  Our friends didn’t have family in the area, and they went on vacation a couple times a year.  We didn’t have a dog (for several reasons), and so we lovingly accepted her in our home as our own several times a year for anything as an overnight stay, a couple week stay, to our most recent one where we watched her for a little over a month and half during summer break. 
She became like our own so much that we would borrow her for play dates or take her to preschool for pet day.  I did this to help my kids foster a love for others and a desire to serve the way we would want to be served if we needed the help.  As we served this family by watching their dog, I’ve seen and felt the love that my children have for this family increase. 
This family has undergone a big life changing experience this past year.  To see my kids get on their knees to pray for them, to fast prayerfully (go without food and drink for two meals consecutively) for them, then ask questions about their situation, and cry for them has been hard.   I know that this love and concern wouldn’t have been there if we didn’t serve them by watching their sweet dog when needed.    Our family has received so much from helping them.  We will always be grateful for the trust the family had in us to leave their sweet pet with us.  We’ll always be grateful for sweet memories we have of this sweet puppy and the love we have for her family. 


Thank you, Kristi!