Act of Kindness for a Neighbor: Herb-y Delivery

The boys and I are still looking for ways to serve our neighbors.  There are several that we haven’t seen all summer, and we decided to go say HI with some herbs from our garden.  (That is all we can get to grow in our garden!)

We went to the first house.  My grand plan was to say HI tell them that we’ve missed seeing them and go on our way.

Of course, when she opened the door, my youngest invited himself in . . . and she was so gracious to humor him.  There is something about going inside someone’s house.  You get a sense of how things are going and what their major concerns are.  She was in the middle of a fluke, crazy flooring problem.  I had no idea that she was going through that.

We chatted a bit and left to be on our way.  The boys spotted another neighbor and gave her herbs as well.  Both boys talked about their school, and my oldest was excited to tell every one about the tooth that he lost.

Sometimes, I find it hard to articulate exactly what we get each time we serve other than “it makes us feel good” . . . in this adventure, my boys had a chance to share things that were important to them and be on the receiving end of someone being genuinely excited about the things that happen in their little boy worlds.

My boys loved that!

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