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Act of Kindness for a Soldier: Writing a Letter

Writing a letter to a member of the armed services is a great act of kindness that teaches our kids to thank others and start learning about the sacrifices of others for us.

I don’t have any addresses, personally, of soldiers currently serving. But, that’s okay. There are several online places to find to be connected to one.  You can email a letter, or go the old fashioned route of mailing through the post office.

We took some time to talk about what a soldier is and why it is important to our daily lives to have people willing to serve our country. We talked about the people we knew that have served. We talked about my Grandpa and his service. A great chance for teaching my children that they benefit from the service of other people, people they don’t even know, every day!  After we chose the source we thought would be good to find a soldier (we used, we started our letters and pictures.

The boys wanted to make sure that the pictures of the flags that they were drawing were “just right.”  And, the five year old wanted to use the colors of the uniform of the branch of the military that our soldier wears.

And, then life’s demands entered in and we had to set them aside for the day, unfinished.

Tomorrow, we will finish them and enjoy sending them off to our soldier who is from our home state!

What “pennies of time” ideas do you have to help kids serve those in the armed forces?

What “pennies of time” adventures have your children completed for our servicemen and servicewomen?