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Act of Kindness for Fire Fighters: Taking Treats to the Fire Station

Last week I emailed a fire fighter uncle (yes, we are lucky enough to have a fire fighter in the family!) and asked what a couple of kids could do to thank a local fire station.

His reply was that they love any appreciation!  He responded further with:  ” . . . cookies, brownies, ice cream, a cakes/pies, etc are always welcome.  I prefer healthier fresh fruits/breads in lieu of junk food, but not all are like me. Drawings are good(or a poster board drawing/thank you); we display those on the wall at the station.”

This morning, we headed to Central Market.  I intended to get a couple of things, but the more we talked about what they would like, the more we added to the basket.  My son picked out fruits, trail mix, and a couple of loaves of bread (marbled rye and cranberry), and I added a strawberry and cheese spread, and our bag of goodies was ready to go.  It was fun splurging on this adventure!

(He looks ready to deliver, right?)

We made a thank you note when we got back home.  (We waited for brother and dad to get home so that we could finish our “penny of time” adventure as a family.)

Altogether, we arrived with smiles!

The fire fighters welcomed us right in before we even had a chance to say anything!  It was like their house was our house, too.  They were pleased with the yummies and gave the boys fire safety bracelets.  They let us see the fire engine and talk as much as we wanted.  (It helped that they weren’t called to go out to an emergency right then, too.)

(See that white bracelet on the older boy?  That is the bracelet that they gave each of the boys.  Not 15 minutes later, my sweet five year old was giving it away to another little girl because she liked it.  The little girl was pleased with the gift, and her parents were astonished and grateful.)

What “pennies of time” adventures have you had in helping out those that serve the community?