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Act of Kindness for a Neightbor: Give a Heart Attack

This “Penny of Time” Adventure is actually three “pennies of time” sessions to complete the act of giving two people a heart attack.

The secret to doing a service act every day is that we complete simple things within a short amount of time.  So, for those service acts that may take longer, we just break it into smaller tasks and take several days to complete it.  It works well for us.

I was given a Heart Attack a couple of years ago and LOVED it so much (and it covered my ugly front door so well) that I left those hearts up for over a month.  Each time I passed through the door, I felt that love shown towards me renewed.  Just lovely to experience!
Giving Someone You Appreciate A Heart Attack

The Steps:

Pick out someone that you want to show some anonymous love

Cut out lots of hearts

Write nice things on the hearts

 Draw awesome pictures on the hearts

Place stickers on the hearts

Go Give Them a Heart ATTACK!

The deliveries.

I taped the hearts ahead of time to a whiteboard.  That way when we “put on the sneak” and give someone a heart attack we aren’t messing with tape.  (I use painter’s tape.)

Sometimes the front door is not the best door for the delivery.

One friend had a side door, we used that area to ATTACK!

As you can see, Dad was able to come along for the Heart Attack Deliveries.  We love it when our whole family is together and can get in on the action to brighten someone’s day!