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Act of Kindness for Our Neighbors: A Gift of Gratitude

As part of our focus on gratitude this month, I asked my boys (ages 7 and 4) about the people that they wanted to thank for being a part of our lives.
“I reawy like how Jay lets me pet his dog Maggie.  She is so nice.”
“Ms. Erica was so nice to let us trick or treat twice at her house.”
“I like Clare.”
“Carl is so funny.”

All of these people are our neighbors.  We decided to spend the next several days working on an act of kindness for them.  To find out how we decided to thank our neighbors and show our appreciation, please visit my post Acts of Kindness for our Neighbors~ A gift of Gratitude #ProjectGratitude at Tips From a Typical Mom.  All month long, writers will be sharing ideas to help all of our families focus on gratitude as part of #ProjectGratitude