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Act of Kindness for Our Neighbors: Frozen Chocolate Cookie Dough

We love our neighbors and bringing baked goods to them.  Sometimes, though, the timing of our deliveries might not be the most convenient.  So, this time, we decided to give them frozen cookie dough with the directions so that they could pop the dough into the oven whenever they wanted a treat.

We used our favorite chocolate chip cookie dough recipe.  When the dough was ready, we shaped the dough into balls (to give to smaller families, like couples and neighbors that live alone) and one large log (to give to a larger family), froze the dough, and then placed the frozen dough into cute baggies to deliver (including the baking instructions).

This was such a HIT!  I think it is because one of the best things about cookies is how Awesome They Smell While They Are Baking!  Now, they can enjoy the delicious aroma and the tasty treat, too!

We had a great time, our neighbors were pleased, and the cookies we made for ourselves were a perfect ending to sharing love with our neighbors!

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