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Act of Kindness for Police Officers: Kid Detectives Visit the Police Station

There are so many community helpers that need the thanks from members of the community.  Today, we met up with some friends and took cards and treats to the police station, and easy act of kindness for police officers.

The boys were SO excited! My younger son is pretty set on being a “poweesse officer with a dog” when he grows up.

In order to prepare for the event, we discussed police officers.

We talked about:

  • The parts of the police officer uniform.
  • How they helped people.
  • When you should ask for help from a police officer.
  • The different types of police officers.
  • What a day is like for a police officer.
  • What types of people become officers.

I wanted them to know that police officers are more than people that “catch bad guys.”  I wanted them to understand that great police officers care for people.

We made cards to give them.

After that discussion, the boys decided to dress up as police detective, complete with communication devices (walkie talkies clipped to their shirt collars), badges, and their disguises so that they can be “undercover detectives.”

We gathered up the cards and treats and carpooled with our friends to the police station.  The officer at the desk could not have been sweeter to the kids.  They were able to donate their treats.  He was so eager to return in kind and ran “to the back to find badges” for the kids and coloring books that teach about safety and the police station.

This particular police station was very quiet during our visit.  The kids really had a great time and both asked, as we were to leaving, to come back again.  I was thrilled.  They were able to have a positive experience with a community helper and thank him.

And, the boys really enjoyed doing this with friends!