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Act of Kindness for Sick Kids: Happy Mail

Today, we made some Happy Mail!  Basically, you write notes to send to children who are ill.  Most have been sick a long time and have illnesses that are hard to treat.

We were meeting a friend at the park . . .  and so I just brought all the materials for all the boys to write notes if they wanted.  We were able to finish one there.  We finished a couple more at home.

They really enjoyed this “Penny of Time” . . . an act of kindness for sick kids.  They could easily relate to how hard it is to be sick.  Everett remembers his experiences in the hospital and with blood draws.  We picked a child that was close to their age, and they felt like they knew just what to draw and say on the cards.

When we were done, we added stickers that the thought the boy would like to have.  Simple and meaningful act of kindness!