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Act of Kindness for Someone that is Homeless: A Simple Gesture of Care

Fellow “Penny of Time” Adventuring mom, Jessica, sent the following act of kindness she had with her children.


My girls and I were brainstorming about what we can do to help people at Christmas time. They suggested that we give money to the poor people that sit outside in front of the grocery store and sell newspapers. (We live in Germany . . . this is what the homeless do.)  We then decided that instead of giving money, we could give a yummy treat. Everyone needs a yummy treat, right?

We walked past the homeless man in a wheelchair, as usual, and then I whispered to my kids,”Let’s not forget to get him a treat today.”

We stopped at the bakery and got a little yummy treat for him. My oldest, who is 7, opened up the bag and handed it to him on our way out. He smiled and said thank you. Nothing earth shattering for him probably . . . but hopefully a lesson in thoughtfulness for my children.  There was a different feeling in our home that entire day. –Jessica

I know many adults who are scared to approach someone who is homeless or seems different.  Bravo to this young child who was willing to recognize someone who needed help and put action behind it!  A small act of kindness but one that was impactful for the family.

What I love about serving with our kids is we are teaching them to think of others, one small experience at a time.  It is a brave thing for a young child to approach a stranger and offer up some service!