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Act of Kindness for Teachers : Wishing a First Year Teacher Good Luck

We just made a new friend a few days ago and found out that she is a first year teacher! And, she is new to the area, just making friends.

Having been a first year teacher, I immediately wanted to wrap her in an anti-germ cocoon, give her a ba-jillion dollars so that she wouldn’t have to spend her own money on her classroom and students, and somehow give her that extra energy and pep that first year teachers need while they acclimate to working in schools.

Since I couldn’t any of those things, I chatted with my kids about what we could do, and we decided to have her over for dinner for our own Back to School Party, which we have the night before the first day of school.

Cute-overly excited boys running around, eating dinner, and indulging on overly sugared dessert!  A perfect diversion from worrying about what might come the next day on the first day of the job!

So, we did just that!  It was great to have a new friend over!

And, we added just a small token of our great awesome wishes for a wonderful first year teaching.

(We always give our teachers a “moustache” in case they ever need a disguise.  Never know when you need one, right?)

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