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Act of Kindness: Treats for the Mail Carrier After an Ice Storm

We’ve had a tough time over the past 5 days with ice and sleet.  The city comes to a standstill because we just aren’t equipped with the equipment to handle this  . . . and I don’t even know what you do to clear inches of ice.

On the day right after the big storm this past weekend, the boys encountered our mail carrier making his rounds in his own vehicle, an SUV with 4 wheel drive.  We couldn’t even make it out of our driveway with our cars.  Since seeing him do this, we’ve talked about how his job must be tough right now.

We felt after our discussion that he needed some extra love, an act of kindness for our mail carrier.  We took a few minutes and wrote notes to him.  We added a little treat and put in the mail box for him.  We know that it doesn’t make the ice and cold temperatures any easier; it does provide a small lift for a community helper that most of us don’t know even though the mail carrier comes to our homes almost every day of the week.

It is a busy time of year for the mail carriers, take a moment and thank your mail carrier today!
Learn your mail carrier’s name!

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