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Act of Kindness: You NOSE You Got a Friend In Me–Helping a Young Boy Recover from Surgery

A good young friend of our family was due for, yet, another surgery on his sinuses.  (His FIFTH one!)  This courageous young boy has been in the hospital many times being cared for by doctors and nurses to overcome a disease that not many people have.
And, the idea to go AGAIN to the hospital was overwhelming to this fun loving 7 year old.
His dad asked for all of his friends to send pictures with band aids over their noses so that his son could see all the people who love him, showing their support for him, and maybe even add a laugh or two with the antics of the band aid wearing noses.
We were like, band aids and helping our friend?  Two of the things we love best.
So, we snapped some shots (see above).  The boy’s father compiled the many (and very funny) pictures into a movie.  The young boy LOVED IT!
This was one of the best ideas I have seen in helping a young boy feel loved and surrounded by his friends (near and far) while going through a difficult time.

My boys thought that it was cool that we could do something so silly to make someone feel better!  A great way to add some extra laughs along the way when we are serving others.