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Act of Kindness: Helping a Mom on Bedrest

As it happens, sometimes The Mommy is the one that needs some help.  When a mother is told to go on bed rest . . . well, that is a hard one.  There ARE things that can be done to make it easier for the mom so she can get the rest she needs.

Recently, a mommy friend went on bed rest.  The boys worked with me to put together a couple of meals and then we reached out to also take care of her kids.

To the meals (awesome Quiche and Chicken Parmesan), we added salads and fresh fruit.  Our favorites!

Other things that we put in the care package:

  • New, light colored nail polish (hard to see mistakes with light nail polish)
  • Gum
  • Note cards
  • New DVD
  • BIG container for water with a straw and lid
  • Cheerful notes from us
  • New books and magazines

When we delivered our bag of love and goodies to her, it was fun for the boys to chat with her for a few minutes.  Nothing like crazy, little boy antics to make us laugh!

Whether the bed rest is a short time, a couple of days, or longer, several months, there are ways that everyone can help The Mommy make it through bed rest without going crazy.

When Bringing In a Meal:

  • When we have the chance, we put several meals together for the mom, enough to feed her whole family.
  • Bring in snacks for the kids ready to hand out.
  • Bring in disposable plates and utensils.  I am a big friend of the environment but found the chance to not do dishes immensely helpful when I was out for the count.
  • When you leave a meal, leave a copy of the recipe.  This will help if they need to reheat the food but also will have all the ingredients listed that you used.
  • Disposable containers—no need to clean or keep track of what person brought what dish.
  • More ideas, including online meal organizer to help organize a bunch of people to bring meals on the Serve with Meals Pinterest Board.

Chasing, I Mean, NOT Chasing the Kids

  • Ask a teenager to help out with the children after school.
  • Section off a section of the house so that young kids don’t roam free while mom is on bed rest.  This keeps them safe and also decreases messes throughout the house.  Use baby gates liberally.  Put snacks, activities, and other things she’ll need right beside her area.
  • Set up a diapering station that the mom can reach.  Granted, it is best if someone was watching the young ones, but that always isn’t the case.

Keep the Kids Safely Occupied

Provide a box of items and activities that the children can use and complete independently.

  • Stickers
  • Maze books
  • New coloring books
  • Puzzles
  • Glow-in-the-dark toys
  • Magnet sets (that are age appropriate)

Need More Ideas–Check Out These Tried and True Ideas

Keeping the House Running

  • Bring friends and family together and schedule a rotation for chores.
  • Have friends sign up to do the chore that they enjoy most.
  • Ask the children to step up a bit more and help with the cleaning.
  • Find a friend who is willing to help grocery shop or pick up items from the grocery store.
  • I heard that Lots of Helping Hands is an app that is great to coordinate help like this.

Helping the Mommy Stay Cheerful

Moms on bed rest don’t get the chance to do much but be still.  Offer up opportunities to help her feeling good about her appearance.

  • Paint her nails or give her new nail polish in a fun color
  • Braid or style her hair
  • Do her make-up or make sure that she has those items nearby with a mirror bigger than a 3 inch by 3 inch square!
  • Offer to change the bedding at least weekly.  She’ll feel better when she is in a clean bed.

Stay Connected

When I went on bed rest, it was summer.  When I came off bed rest, it was winter.  You can easily feel disconnected from school, church, and community goings on when you are on bed rest.

  • If she doesn’t have a laptop, see if you can help her borrow one for the time she is on bed rest.
  • Give her fun stationary and stamps.
  • Set up a time to friends to come over and chat.
  • Take a moment to text or call her.  Do it frequently.  A mom on bed rest can start to feel disconnected with life very quickly.
  • Take pictures of her kids at school functions and send them to her.
  • If friends watch her children, ask them to provide updates and tell her the funny things that the kids did while away from their mom.

Helpful Items I liked When I Was on Bed Rest

  • Tray
  • Writing area such as a lap table
  • Bed pillow like a wedge sit up pillow or a sit up pillow with arms
  • Baby monitor
  • Large water container