Act of Kindness: Letters to a Senior Home

Holiday times can be very lonely for seniors or the elderly.  Letters received, even from those they don’t know, lift the spirits and bring holiday cheer to those living in Senior Homes, or nursing homes.  We took on a project being done by 500 Kindnesses to send a letter or card to a nursing home in Illinois.  (In fact, we got busy and made 4 cards to send.)

You can certainly send cards to a local nursing home.  If you want to get in on the action for the nursing home in Illinois, here is the mailing information:

Geri Wozniak

c/o The Moorings of Arlington Hts
761 Old Barn Lane
Arlington Hts, IL  60005

“You want me to write someone I don’t know?” might be a response to this project.  In fact, my oldest sat quietly for a minute before saying,”I want to thank him for being a Veteran, but I don’t know if he is one.”

What a great opportunity to talk about the needs of others!  We talked about what to include:

  •  Talk about what is important to you.
  • Draw pictures of where you live or something funny that happened.
  • Tell your favorite story or joke.
  • Share a favorite holiday story or tradition.
The kids drew pictures, added stickers, put some dino stamps on them, and signed their names proudly.  Within 20 minutes, we had four cards complete and waiting for our mail carrier!
Other ideas to help the seniors in your community:

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