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Yesterday, we made Chemo Care Packages.
The boys’ grandfather has been going through chemotherapy and I have had a hard time helping the boys understand what this is all about for him.  So, I decided to put together a chemo care package to send him and to donate to a local oncology center.

At the store, we gathered:

          • two sets of plastic utensils (fork/knife/spoon) for each package from IKEA (evidently metal utensils taste bad),
          • stuff for the bad taste in the mouth from chemo (lemon drops/gum),
          • hand sanitizer,
          • lip balm,
          • disposable toothbrushes,
          • a notepad with the most darling drawings and messages from the boys
          • . . . other ideas warm socks/fleece blanket or pashmina and itune gift cards.
We originally got the idea from Remembering Chemo and Chemo Care Packages a post on Life as a Survivor.
We purchased enough supplies for 6 kits.  One for a very, very special family member.
You know who you are and we love YOU!
The boys added drawings and special messages to the beginning page of the journals.

The packages are ready!  One will be mailed.  The others we will drop off at a local oncology office.

Chemo was something that was hard for the kids to understand.  Truly, I don’t know that you can understand what it is like unless you or someone close to you goes through it.  I’m on the look out for children’s books that will help teach my boys about what it is like.

Note from Sheila: Since the publication of this article, over 5,000 Chemo Care Kits have been donated across the world by families, community groups, and scout troops. That goodness has been done by YOU! Thank you! Thank you for helping the kids in your world learn to be kind to others and thank you for making these kids. Your efforts are worth it!

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