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Act of Kindness: Picking Up Litter

Picking up litter is an easy act of kindness that is free and always seems needed.  We keep a couple of bags in the car just for this reason.
Today, it was time to collect some trash.  This has ended up being a favorite and easy “go to” adventure when we are in a rush and need a quick adventure.  We happened to drop by a park not expecting to find anything.  To our surprise, there were PLENTY of empty water and Gatorade bottles littering the soccer and baseball field.
When we pick up trash, we RUN and announce the discovery of each piece of paper or bottle top like we’ve found the long lost treasure of the Knights Templar or the bounty lifted by the Pirate Blackbeard.  The official rule is that if my boys spot the same piece of trash at the same time, they take turns on which kid gets to bag it.  This is serious trash collecting, people.
Sometimes we use plastic gloves, we always try to recycle the trash that can be recycled, and we always have hand cleaner for an immediate clean-up after the collecting.
Today’s clean-up started a conversation about reuseable water bottles and how we don’t like to leave those behind, but the clear plastic water bottles people don’t take care of or make sure they take with them.  That led to an interesting conversation about the costs of reuseable bottles vs getting a new bottle each time.
I can never guess where the conversations will go while on our “Penny of Time” Adventure!