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Act of Kindness: Serving the SPCA

Today we went on our first “service project with friends” for 2013.  And we had a great time!

We brought supplies to the SPCA from the wish list on the website.   What we gathered:

  • paper towels
  • wipes
  • dry erase markers
  • large towels

We met up with our friends a the SPCA, donated our supplies, and went visiting the animals.

  • We talked about what the SPCA does.  The boys are getting better describing what happens there with each time we go.  That is great for their vocabulary development and their own understanding of how organizations meet the needs of others.
  • We always visit each animal and talk about why the animal is there.
  • We talk about any medical treatment that the dog or cat may be getting and why.  The boys are quick to point out animals that have bandages or are visibly injured in some way.
  • Something about actively caring for animals helps my boys connect with their compassionate side and think of the ways that animals (and people) should be treated.
The dogs were quiet today.  In this particular SPCA, the dogs’ room is very echo-y and we usually don’t stay there very long.  The boys really enjoyed being in the cat condos this time.  Petting cats, talking with cats, and playing with cats!!  They were loving it!

The boys really had a great time being with the animals AND being with their friends.  They really enjoyed sharing a service experience with other kids.  And, I loved having other moms along for the experience.  You learn many great things about your friends when you serve with them.

An added bonus, a storm blew in while we were in the building.  We got an all out soaking as we ran for the car.  Lots of squealing and laughing to end our “Penny of Time” for today!