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Act of Kindness: Thanking Our Mail Carrier

My family spent a delightful evening with another family about a week ago.  The mom is a mail carrier.

I was astounded to hear about the aspects of her job.  It is difficult.  She works her route 6 days a week, and, yes, she works through all the weather.

I’ve kind of always taken for granted my mail carrier.  I think I notice our mail carrier the most when I get the wrong mail for several days in a row.  Boo on that!

I should be noticing all the *other* days when my mail conveniently arrives at my curb.

We decided we needed to complete an act of kindness thanking our mail carrier.

Um, so we did get some thank you notes completed for our mail carrier.  It was like “Penny of Time” Adventure goes psychedelic, baby, because I got a couple of calls from school (you know, real life interruptions) and then the boys for some reason forgot that we were doing this for our mail carrier . . . or the pictures turned out so well they wanted to keep them for themselves.  And then everyone got distracted.  In the end, we regrouped, picked out the best pictures for our mail carrier, wrapped them with a bow, and successfully placed them in the mailbox!

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