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Wondering how you’ll entertain both your school age kids
& younger kids all together during Spring Break?
Afraid that 4 hours into the break you’ll hear:


Not willing to spend 50 bucks every morning and afternoon trying to entertain the crew?
Then, get them together helping others!

Whaaaaaa?  Totally, do it.  Do it! Let’s ask our kids to help others instead of running ourselves into a frenzy trying to entertain them. We’ve made it easy for you.  This post has popular ideas on acts of kindness and easy service projects for kids gathered from many writers that have a passion for getting their kids to help others.  Grab this list of acts of kindness and service projects and have fun helping someone with your kids. By the way, these are REAL ideas that kids can do. Not just some running list out of someone’s brain.  All of these ideas have been done by kids, real kids.  I’ve linked the ideas to posts to show you how those real kids have done it.

If you have kids that are older, put them in charge of planning the acts of kindness. 

(If the weather is warm where you are for Spring Break, check out these fun summer service ideas!)

The “Little Things” Challenge Challenge your family to do the “Little Things” to be kind to others.

  • Hold the door open for others.
  • Let someone else go first.
  • Say hello and thank you to people you interact with that help you.
  • Don’t talk on your cell phone while you are out and about.  Be present and teach your children to observe what is going on around and see chances to help others.
  • Smile at others.

It is Spring Time–so how about some spring cleaning INside and OUTside!

Crafts for a Cause Projects

Help Hospitals

In Your Neighborhood

Donate with Meaning

Keep Up the Reading! Reading books on kindness and service will do three things:

  1. Show your children examples of kids helping others
  2. Provide the perfect springboard to discuss kindness and service
  3. Keep up those developing reading skills (ALL teachers want kids reading over Spring Break–I can hear them cheering!)

Here are the books that we love that talk about kindness, service, and compassion.  All of books on the list linked above are ones that we read over and over, ones that the boys pull off the shelf and read in bed.

For more books on kindness and service: She Lives Free:  Inspiring Kids to Pay it Forward
“GIVE ME MORE LISTS” you say? You bet!

14 Days of Loving Kindness from The Good Long Road 

5 Easy Acts of Kindness You Can Do WITH Your Kids

So, what acts of kindness or service projects are you doing with your kids during Spring Break?