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Acts of Kindness at the Hotel

During our recent Kindness Quest Road Trip, we really tried to find ways to be kind during our entire vacation. One of the easiest places to complete acts of kindness is at the hotel.

While we were there, we left a nice note with a special tip for our housekeeper. The boys drew pictures to include in the envelope and we really tried to find ways to be kind.

Note for our Housekeeper Acts of Kindness Hotel Pennies of Time Kindness Quest

Big Brother became the master waffle maker while we were there. He spent at least 15 minutes at each breakfast helping the people that had difficulty with the waffle makers. He loved being an expert and helping all at the same time.

Waffle Maker Act of Kindness Hotel Kindness Quest Pennies of Time

Acts of Kindness Ideas for the Hotel

  • Thank the hotel staff nicely, even the ones that you just “see” in the hallway. It is nice to be acknowledged instead of ignored.
  • Pick up after yourself in your room. Did that used tissue not make it quite into the wastebasket? Pick it up and put it in. Did all the covers fall of the bed at night? Pick them up and neatly stack them. Did the 2 year old squeeze toothpaste all over the vanity? Work with your child to clean it up. Yes, you are on vacation. But, a moment of your time before you leave for fun makes it easier on those that clean your room.
  • Leave a tip or a thank you for the housekeeper or maid. The first time that we did this, it really uncovered the mystery of how our room is super cleaned when we get back to the hotel. “We have a housekeeper? What is that?”
  • See that someone needs help? Offer to help them (carrying a plate to a table at breakfast, holding a door open, or picking up something that was dropped).
  • Help others during breakfast by being patient and taking only what you and your family needs. No one needs a buffet line hogger.
  • Leaving encouraging notes for early risers at the breakfast tables (first ask the hotel staff if this is okay to do)

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What acts of kindness do you like to do while staying at a hotel?