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Acts of Kindness For Dad

My husband has been working insanely long hours recently. The boys and I decided to do a “Penny of Time,” an act of kindness, for him each day this week.

We focused our daily act of kindness for Dad on the things that he likes and on trying to take care of his chores.

The boys decided to the following acts of kindness for Dad:

  • Take out the trash and recycling bins.
  • Clean the house and make it extra sparkly on a day when we usually just do routine chores.
  • Make his favorite meal.  (chicken piccata!)
  • Call each day just to check in and see if he needed anything.
  • Make a special card for him.
  • Put a secret message on his banana for lunch.

The kids and I have enjoyed doing this.  And, we didn’t tell him that he was our “special” recipient.  We just did it and loved seeing how surprised or thoughtful he thought it was.  We also noticed that he was more cheerful by the end of the week!

Helping others in the home with a great attitude has a marvelous effect on our family!