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Acts of Kindness for Moms

When one of my sisters had a baby, a few weeks ago, I knew that we had to do it to help my boys celebrate their new cousin and have a better understanding of what moms do.

We started with what we thought moms do:

  • clean
  • read books
  • cook
  • tie my shoes
  • get fussy when we fight
  • teach us good stuff

And, then I challenged the boys to keep a look out for moms around them that really make a difference, that help others.  The next day, we regrouped:

“Good moms are funny.”
“Good moms help all kids, not just their own.”
“There are good moms that help us with our pennies of time.”  (that’s what we call our acts of service)
“Good moms help when you have problems.”
“Good moms help our mom.”
“Good moms help the dads.”
“Good moms teach us at church.”

We then started brainstorming what moms would want, and over the next couple of weeks, we completed many Acts of Kindness for Moms:

  • Sent love notes to good moms
  • Delivered care packages to good moms
  • Spotted good moms doing good work
  • Offered to take care of kids so that good moms could go to other things
  • Secretly did other things to help the good moms (shhh, some are so secret that I am not going to share them!)
“Wow, good moms do more than just stuff around the house.”
Care Packages for Moms

We put together goody baskets and care packages for several moms.  We did this over the course of several weeks, being clever in finding good things to add.  In fact, we still aren’t done with sharing our love in Acts of Kindness for Moms.  Several moms are still on the list to get some love from us.

In the care packages, we were able to put:

  • Cookies (remember to include enough to share with begging kids . . . well, at least mine would beg for some)
  • Spa items
  • Simple home decorations
  • Chocolate
  • A copy of Mealtime Moments from Moments A Day.  Mealtime Moments are what I use with Little Brother while we are waiting for Big Brother at swim lessons.  You can use them anytime, as well as at mealtime.  If you want to have your own free copy, or give away one to a mom, check out Mealtime Moments from Moments A Day
  • A freezer meal
  • Something with the mom’s favorite color, like a scarf or notebook
The moms that have received our love have been so appreciative.  Every time we go complete an Act of Kindness for a Mom, the boys are always like–“Can’t we do just one more today?”  FUN!
As we were delivering one care package, a neighbor came over to the mom we were delivering to . . . she had in her hand pictures that she had taken of the neighborhood kids in costume as they came to her house to trick-or-trick.  What a great way for someone to bless others with her talents!  Now, the families in that neighborhood will have an awesome momento of that fun Halloween.  (Shhhh, that neighbor is next on our list to shower with kindness and love.)
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