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Acts of Kindness Planned by a 4 Year Old

My youngest was 3 years old when we started our daily “pennies of time” just 7 months ago.  He is an exuberant, fast-paced boy, and he keeps me hopping.  This week, he has taken a leading role in handling his own acts of kindness in serving others.

Here are Acts of Kindness Planned by a 4 Year Old-

  • Handing out stickers to his “friends” (young and old) while waiting to pick up his brother at the elementary school.  (so cute!  and the other parents there were so nice and complimented him on his endeavors to be nice)
  • Holding the door open for 20 minutes at the gym to let others in on a rainy morning.  (His little body got SO tired from holding open the heavy glass and metal door.  His skinny little arms were shaking by the end, but he was determined to let in as many people as possible.)
  • Giving mini-Reese’s cups to the lawn service guys that were working next door.  (can’t go wrong with this one, and he made sure every person had some before he offered one to himself)
  • Bringing his candy from the Easter Bunny to pick up his brother from school and offering compliments to his brother while giving an M&M or jellybean with each nice thing said.  His brother, of course, was very appreciative.
  • Buying a vanilla shake and giving to a friend.  (at first he was adamant that he give his own shake away, but I was able to convince him to let us buy a new shake to take to his friend)

Future Plans:  Rubber rain boots are the THANG right now to him.  So, he is working on finding a way to “give some boots away.”  I am not sure how we will do this, but we are going shopping tomorrow to find some.