Acts of Kindness to Thank Others: Thank You Day!

Today, we talked about being grateful for when others serve us.  We called it,”Thank You Day!”

We talked about people who have helped us, who have served us.  For example:  A person that helps our family is a family friend from church.  He checks on us every month and has helped us around the house.  He even takes the time to take the boys out for ice cream when my husband is out of town for an extended amount of time!

We talked about the friends that help us, the employees at our schools, the neighbors that look out for us, and our family members that always seem to remember to check on us.

A great book to use for this discussion is:

It is hard to articulate, sometimes, what it is like when we are served by others.  Particularly for little kids, I think.  We discussed how it helps our lives be easier.  “It helps me feel good,” added my oldest.  We discussed that it shows love and the effort to care for one another.

To thank others, we:

  • Made thank you notes.
  • Made phone calls to say thank you.
  • Wrote our first “thank you” emails.
  • Send a care package to a friend that has been a big help to us recently.

I issued a challenge to them at the end of the discussion to find a way to help out each other.  A “Penny of Time” for each brother.  I know my 5 year old got it.  And, from what I have seen from my 3 year old, he is getting it with more depth than anyone of us would have thought was possible.

Check the Serve By Thanking Pinterest board for dozens of ideas.
Check the Serve Your Neighbors Pinterest board for ideas on how to help your neighbor.

Trust Me I’m a Mom has a great set ideas to thank others for kids called “Thank You Series.”

See an act of kindness we did for our neighbors:

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