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Acts of Kindness While Flying: Flying Up, Up, and Away (at the Airport)

This weekend, my five year old and I were in several airports.  We found it was very easy to complete acts of kindness while flying.

One of the first things that happened was:
We saw many service men and women in uniform. A result of writing to a soldier this week: my 5 year old wants to talk to each of them and say,”Thank you!” We aren’t able to catch everyone, but it amazes him that so many people he doesn’t know serve all of us.

We also talked about being extra kind to everyone we saw at the airport.  I always seem to think that people are extra cranky there.  So, I felt like it would be a good “penny of time” adventure:  applying kindness liberally.

My five year old embraced the idea of being extra kind completely.  He gave complements like:  “Sir, I really like your necklace.”

He would wave at a cranky toddler down the airplane aisle to get his attention and tried to make him smile.  (And, the toddler did smile!)

He offered up his treats (offering up a handful of gummy lifesavers or a slightly smashed piece of bubble gum):  “Ma’am, would you like one?”  (She, understandably, declined, but the smile she gave was awesome.  And, this delectable treat was one he offered to several airline patrons.)

He stepped out of the aisle to let others go ahead of him when we were exiting the plane.  That a five year old in penguin pajamas was letting a well-built fully grown man go ahead of him in line was AWESOME to see.  We all left the place in smiles and laughing despite being WAY late to our destination.

He tried to be helpful when another flier couldn’t figure out how to put on his seat belt.  “Here, let me help you.”

I was amazed. All I did was bring up the idea with a couple of examples, and he went the extra mile.  I truly benefited from him by recognizing when others served us by grabbing my suitcase for me or by making sure I had everything I needed.

What ways are your kids kind to others at the airport?