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Acts of Kindness with Balloons

Acts of Kindness with Balloons

My sweet husband found some helium balloons. What a great guy! He knows that we love them and have been wanting to do a “Penny of Time” Adventure, acts of kindness with balloons.

We did a couple of different things:

  • Gave one to a friend to say,”You are awesome!”
  • Gave one with a couple of loaves of bread to our auto mechanic to say,”Thank you!”
  • Tried to meet some new friends in the neighborhood with them.  They weren’t home.  So, they’ll find some fun balloons left anonymously on their door.

(My oldest thought it would be cool to give one to every one at his school.  That would be cool!)

One of the things that we like to do as a family is to take balloons to our friends that are sick or have recently gone through surgery.  Often times, we try to draw pictures of each of us, and our friend, on the balloons.  That always gets a few laughs out of everyone!

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