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Acts of Kindness with Rubber Band Bracelets

For about a month, I wanted rainbow looms, knock-off looms, small little rubber bands that go everywhere, rubber brand bracelets, fish-tail designs, the elusive STARBURST pattern to just disappear!  GO AWAY!

Rubber bandering was all the rage in my son’s 1st grade class, and I couldn’t go anywhere without being begged for a loom or bothered about learning to do a new design.

He FINALLY got a loom . . . and then I started seeing what was really going on . . . he and his friends were making rubber band bracelets for the kids that didn’t have them.  He’d go to school with one on . . . and come home without it.

“Where is your bracelet?”

“Oh, I gave it to Marion because he didn’t have one,” he’d respond nonchalantly.  “I am just going to make another one.”

“Oh.”  I felt put in my place.  He and his friends were doing acts of kindness with those rubber band bracelets.

Over the next several weeks and over the holidays, he weaved rubber band necklaces, bracelets, and rings for friends and family members.  He would beg to watch youtube videos (where 12 year olds crushed my hidden dreams of being a rubber band expert weaver) so he could learn a new technique.

He even got his dad in on the action!

I now have four carefully wrapped packages that he created to mail to friends that live far away because he wanted to make sure that they had a rubber band creation.  The thought that he put into the colors, the design of the bracelet, and deciding on the length of each one was fun to see as he is thinking of others when using this newly forming talent.

I am now okay with the rubber bandering!