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Kindness Kit

“Mom, Mom! That is Allie’s car!” Little Brother couldn’t contain his excitement; he had spotted his babysitter’s car in the parking lot. I looked over to where he pointed, and

courage kindness

I Have an Idea

Do you doubt ideas that you have when it comes to helping others? I mean, maybe you start to think to yourself, “That mom doesn’t *really* want help.” Or, maybe

Summer of Kindness

As I poured a new version of the pineapple Popsicle mixture into the molds, Little Brother waited patiently with the sticks, ready to place them in the mold. “Mom,” he

Acts of Kindness to do on the Sabbath

Sunday Acts of Kindness!

Rushing through the door, *almost* late for church, I realized I forgot to put food in the crockpot for dinner. “Oh, well. Looks like it is breakfast for dinner again.”

Helping Refugees with Your Kids

Big Brother gently pulled on my hand and whispered, “Mom, are they refugees?” Thanksgiving weekend was the first time that we crossed paths with a refugee from Syria. You know how it

Summer of Kindness End Boredom

Summer of Kindness Programs

“Mom, I’ve got an idea to help the homeless,” excited, Big Brother rushed into the car. “Yeah, and we were talking and I have some creek cleanup idea,” Little Brother

What Kids Can Do to End Modern Day Slavery

What Kids Can Do to End Modern Day Slavery

“Is this dirty chocolate?” Little Brother asked me, perched on the car’s door frame, about to jump out and start another day at school. Valentine’s Day morning, Little Brother lovingly