An Exchange Between Children

We have been really sick.  We’ve been doing our best to get better and take care of the daily life things.

Today has been a mountain of irritation and less than fun  news.  I’ve put many hours into a project that is now unreadable by the software I built it in . . . all done for “penniesoftime”–sigh.

And, then I hear this:
4 year old:  (approaches brother with a broken toy)  I’m sorry.  I broke it.  I’m sorry.  I try fix it.
6 year old:  (looks at it just a moment)  That’s okay.  It can still do this.  (he then shows his brother a “new” function for the broken toy)
Once again, little brother broke big brother’s toy.  That happens.
Without prodding, younger brother apologized and tried to make amends.
And big brother forgave his younger brother in the smallest span of time.
Serving with your children creates loving bonds between your children.

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