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Awareness Activity: Habitat for Humanity

This Friday, my husband and about 40 of his coworkers helped Habitat for Humanity build a house.  I took some time to bring the boys by the work site and talk about what he was doing.  (BTW, my husband works with a bunch of engineers (read-“know math”) that are comfortable with working with all kinds of electric tools.  Must have been a dream of a day for the Habitat for Humanity building leaders!)

Here is a site for kids from Habitat for Humanity.

Because of our trip to help Captain Hope’s Kids, it wasn’t a stretch for them to understand why someone would not have a home.  In the context of Hurricane Sandy, I thought it was important to talk about what is happening to families that have lost their homes and why it is important for us to make an effort to help.

Make sure you visit this site from Habitat for Humanity and share with your children some of the stories.  That really helps them understand why this organization does what it does.

We are using a couple of ideas from this page for a couple of our next adventures.

I think that awareness activities are important because it provides a chance to teach our kids about the needs of the community and the organizations that work to fill those needs.  Seeing what one organization does to help those in need of a home really had an impact on my children in understanding why it takes work to help those that are homeless and to be grateful for the home that they have.