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When Bad Stuff Happens, We Start With Us


Be The Helper When Bad Things Happen Pennies of Time

Fred Rogers always had a way to make us think. The following words of wisdom are repeated and shared when bad things happen in the world. “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

What we want to do, need to do, is to take it a step further and provide resources to create resilience and hope by empowering families to BECOME the helpers.

Our Plan

This year, Pennies of Time is raising funds to help with our newest project: When Bad Things Happen.

The Challenge

Have you ever wondered what to say to your kids or grandkids when bad things happen in the world? Whether it is a natural disaster, a family crisis, or an occurrence of violence in our communities, families need to know how to talk to their kids and how to respond when bad things happen.

The Goal

The goal for the project is to have tangible resources for families to use with their kids when bad things happen. These resources will fill a need in our communities and prepare the way for families to know what to do when bad things happen, including how to help others. We need your help to make that happen!

When Bad Things Happen: Resources for Parents

Pennies of Time, with the input of partner organizations, is developing two free resources for families and community members to use “when bad things happen.” With the donations from Giving Tuesday, two Free Resources will be developed and distributed: a free parent book that provides language and examples of what to do when bad things happen and a child book, showing how a child can respond when a bad thing happens. These resources will kick off our efforts to support families to know how to respond when bad things happen and become the helpers in our communities.

Please join us so that we can make these needed resources available to families.

What exactly will be in the free resource?

The resources will answer the following questions:
• What do I say to my kids? What can I show my kids?
• How do I teach them to be resilient and positive when so much bad stuff is happening?
• How can we respond with kindness in our community?

Would you be willing to help us spread the word and reach that goal?

Help Support Pennies of Time to provide resources for families to use when bad things happen.

Donate! Your donation to Pennies of Time is tax deductible. Make a donation anytime to help meet our goal. All donors receive the “Compassion Conversations” prompts and “Conversation Starters for Toddlers”–AND an electronic copy of the Parent Resource when it goes “live.” Donors that give $50 or more enter to win a bonus prize, the Pennies of Time Kindness Kangaroo, a great and engaging tool to use to get kindness going in your family.

Your donation and support will make a difference so that families are better equipped to respond to our world and start the journey of becoming the helpers in our communities.

Thank you!

lets become the helpers pennies of time

Questions You Might Have:

What is Pennies of Time?
Pennies of Time is a nonprofit dedicated to providing resources and tools for families to raise kind kids and become compassionate problem solvers. Over the past two years, Pennies of Time has mentored over 100 families through the journey of teaching kids to be kind and compassionate. This past spring, we established a mentoring platform, the Kindness Academy, to increase that reach and provide more resources.

How much of my donation actually goes towards the “free resource”?
100% of all donations will be used toward providing free child and parent resources to use for “when bad things happen.”

What did you do with donations from last year?

We developed and kicked off the Kindness Academy which is currently mentoring and coaching families through the process of learning what to do to raise kind kids. Free resources are always available for download through the Kindness Academy. Your donation has helped over 400 families since the platform went live in March of 2016.

Pennies of Time sponsors the Kindness Academy? What is the Kindness Academy?
The Kindness Academy is the online platform sponsored by Pennies of Time that provides resources and e-courses designed to take the burden out of teaching kids to be kind and think of others. Based on the research behind kindness, real world parenting experience, and effective teaching strategies, course instructors provide a variety of resources for families to get the Kindness Action going. 

Thank you for donating now!